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Japanese artist Miho Yata combines knitting with stop-motion animation to creates short films that she calls “Yatamimation.” Her latest piece is this charming production, entitled Film Muffler, made using long knitted mifflers that depicts a sweet love story in the old-timey style of silent films, complete with a cute piano score.

Visit the Yatamimation website to check out more of Miho Yata’s crafty creations.

[via Make:Craft]

Oh wow. And I thought hand drawing every frame was time consuming…


Neil Dawsons “Horizons” Mighty Optical Illusions

Neil Dawson creates eye-popping sculptures. He has produced many throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the UK, and I have to admit that there’s a few I still can’t wrap my mind around. No matter how you look at them, your eyes and brain will trick you into believing that what you’re looking at is a simple drawing from a cartoon. Some of the sculptures are on land, while some others are hung in mid air. 


Let me tell you about my second novel. Not about the plot; I’ll paste the opening few chapters below and let them tell you about the plot.
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